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We at Retrograde Concept Store are a part of Dubai. We’ve grown up here. We’ve been educated here. We understand this city.

This city is often described as a melting pot, what it really is, is the perfect recipe just waiting for it’s final ingredients.

Between us, we have spent time outside of Dubai. One of us studied in the US, the other in the UK. We were thrown into the deep end of street culture – surrounded by the clothes and music that simply was not a part of Dubai.

Upon returning to Dubai, it was evident that street culture was in its earliest stages. The youngest of brands were beginning to spring up, and SOLE DXB became a legitimate stop on the culture calendar.

What it was missing, and what it is still missing, is a home. There is no RSVP gallery, there is no KITH. Every luxury brand under the sun is here, aiding Dubai’s infamous reputation of opulence alongside the images of gold Lamborghinis and seven star hotels. 

Hence the reason we went with the name Retrograde, which can be defined as:

“Having or being motion in a direction contrary to that of the general motion of similar bodies”

Therefore, clearly representing our goal, by going against the norm of luxury and glamour, but rather create a culture of lifestyle and brands that are not only creating a new wave of products, but also brands that share our vision.

*Retrograde Concept Store is a part of forward integration from Neeltex International Trading LLC